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MAIDEN(Made in)HEAVEN – Paul Padlan “AlDub/KalyeSerye Unofficial soundtrack”

My 2nd original song fo all ALDUB fans. Yung nadala ako sa mga positive comments sa una kong kanta na ginawa para sa ALDUB. At dahil sa tinadtad ako ng request(1st time yun) na gawan sila uli ng kanta,(actually, para kay MAINE na naman to eh.) eh P-R-O-V-O-K-E na. haha kaya ito na po. Derived from the successful hashtag of the phenomenal loveteam of the year. my original song entitled…

P.S. pasensya na naman po uli sa improvised sound quality. pulubing singer/songwriter po ako. tongue emoticon

First time I saw you,
you were in my dream.
And dream is a wish,
that my heart makes.
And then I look into yor eyes,
I can see the reason why.
Why you here with me, in this fantasy.

I looked up in the sky,
and I can see the light.
Then I realize,
that you’re already by my side.
It’s like a fairy tale come true,
and I thank God that I found you.
We were meant to be,
You’re my destiny.


You are MAIDEN(Made in) HEAVEN for me,
and your fellow angels brought you here with me.
Because of you, Now I believe,
that forever between you and me, exist.

You are my living proof,
that there is a paradise.
And I’m pretty sure it’s true,
coz I see it in your eyes.
If there’s a thing I have to do,
I will spend my life with you.
Please believe in me, you’re my remedy.


and I love you so,
I won’t let you go.
We are meant to be,


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